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With our highest value added business services, we are committed to bridge business regionally and reach more markets.


Bank Account Opening Services

At Vinyard Knight, we provide bank account opening services, both company and personal bank accounts for our clients.

Every bank has its strengths and weaknesses. For example, if our client’s main concern is high telegraphic transfer (TT) charges, we will refer to 1 or 2 banks which have the lowest charges in the market.

Another instance will be if our client is searching for a bank that provides trade financing, we will refer to the bank which has elaborate and attractive trade financing services.

Taxation Advisory and Accounting Services

Taxes are one of the most complicated subjects of understanding and comprehension, with Albert Einstein quoting “The hardest thing to understand in the world is the income tax.”

At Vinyard Knight, we want our clients to focus on their businesses, while we help to manage and advice on their taxes. Taxation advisory needs a detailed understanding of one’s business first, before proper planning and design to maximize on tax-savings can be executed.

Among the Asia Pacific economies, Hong Kong has one of the lowest headline corporate tax rate at 16.5% and Japan has the highest effective rate of 38.01%. However, Singapore’s effective tax rate is the most competitive with the partial tax exemption scheme. For instance, a company with a chargeable income of S$300,000 will have an effective tax rate of 8.36% only, which is less than half of the headline tax rate.

The table below provides a snapshot of the headline corporate tax rates of said APAC countries:

Citizenships Application

We serve a diverse range of clients who come from different countries.

Clients who are interested in migrating to another country or obtaining a citizenship/permanent residence in another jurisdiction for the purpose of investments, we are able to provide the service to assist your need.

Remittance & Money-changing

In businesses, we understand that funds allocation is of paramount importance to business operations including payments to suppliers and receivables from customers.

Vinyard Knight is able to provide facilitation by referring our clients to licensed remittance companies so that their business operations will run smoothly.


For clients who require alternative investments to enhance their product offerings, Vinyard Knight provides hedge funds and private equity investments, working cooperatively with proprietary trading teams to provide alpha returns to our clients.



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